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HDC Enables Renewed Packaging Designs With DDEC

As the preferred one-stop design centre for Malaysian entrepreneurs, DDEC gains trust from Halal Development Corporation to enable selected Malaysian products with a renewed packaging design for their respective market.

This program aims to facilitate entrepreneurs with their products of choice to obtain packaging design services that meet market standards, follow trends while also taking into account the entrepreneurs preferences. DDEC has already implemented this program successfully with more than 20 selected entrepreneurs.

Some of these entrepreneurs chose to improve existing product packaging, produce packaging designs for new products and some require a new look for product packaging in order to penetrate the desired market.

Food & Beverage Are Kings

The products that participate in this program consist of various types of products, but all of them are based on food and beverages. There are ready-to-eat products, processed raw material products and ready-to-drink beverage products.

With the variety of products and market sectors for each product, DDEC was challenged with producing packaging designs that both attracted consumers and matched entrepreneurs’ preferences. There were several known brands that are regularly found in our local supermarkets and others can be found either online or in specialty stores.

New Packaging Design

Working on a new packaging design gives much freedom to the designers to propose based on the current trends and needs of the product. The entrepreneurs with new products were overall pleased with the outcome and looking forward to seeing the new products on shelves.

Oriental Eden’s products came in normal packaging as it should for frozen pastries. When queried what they really wanted for their PuffPular frozen pastries, they preferred an outer packaging with easy to carry handles for customers to immediately know the contents of the brand. Thus, DDEC produced a designed carry case box that contains the product well, with images and simple vectors featuring the pastry.

ITP Foods seeks to ease consumers’ purchases as their current products are providing for singular purchases. 

ITP Foods produces sauces for marinades and dips to accompany other dishes on the dinner or lunch spreads. Their current product packaging is a variety of tube sauces. DDEC was entrusted to produce a carry-case box for the sauces and the result was to further enhance the brand and its current product offering.

Noraini’s is known for its homemade cookies and its new range, Prime Cookies, is about to hit the market.

Noraini’s has been in the market for quite some time and its products have their own fanbase. For this new range, Noraini’s prefer to feature the product range and a simple image close-up of the contents on the packaging. The colours chosen are in line with the necessary contrast it creates to highlight the product.

Improving Packaging Design

For products receiving creative and improved packaging designs from DDEC designers, DDEC manages to renew the packaging design according to the best current trends and practices.

Bertambest Teh Tarik premix is one of the well known beverages in its market. To stand out among its competitors, DDEC modernised its packaging to have a clean and neat look that is favourable among the contemporary target market.

The following product is improved based on the original product design, which also came from DDEC.

Munira is a local beverage producer which now has exported to other Asian countries. Its chosen product for this program is an extension from its range of tubed sauce. As the target audience for this product are young children, the design features an approachable image and attractive packaging. Its brighter colours resonate with the main ingredient of the product, compared to its sister product.

Focus Group Evaluation

For HDC’s Halal Sourcing Partnership Program 2022, every product packaging is required to undergo a focus group evaluation, consisting of users of multiple backgrounds. The focus group helps to provide necessary feedback on how well each design attracts potential consumers. Such practice provides good feedback to DDEC as the designers and to entrepreneurs to further understand how consumers decide when buying a product. 

DDEC Assists Entrepreneurs With Improved Designs

Whether a product is well known in the market or gingerly breaking into a new market, DDEC offers enhancement design for product packaging. And if you’re not sure of a brand name and logo, you can simply ask us for what’s best, what’s in trend and what works. We are more than happy to provide you with all the answers so that you can take a breather an focus on expanding your business. For more information about DDEC’s creative services, visit Follow us on social media through ddecmalaysia at Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

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