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Winning an award for the first time and being proud of all achievements throughout the years, DDEC is indeed prized for its uniqueness.

Malaysia Design Development Centre (DDEC) wins Bumiputera BestBrands Awards for the Services – Design Solutions category, from The BrandLaureate 2022.  This is the first time DDEC won the prestigious award in all of its years of establishment. With such recognition, it is hopeful that DDEC will further succeed in its future undertakings. The prestigious event took place at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 24 February 2022.
Design is imperative in our everyday lives. Most of the time, we take it for granted that some things are as is. But, even the tiniest details can crop up a problem, that’s where design solutions can come to the rescue. Designing is more than eye candies. They are, without a doubt, a process that requires a higher level of critical thinking to improve a situation or an outcome.   What makes design incredible is when the outcome evokes a new perspective. Solutions are commonly designed to fill the gap of a problem or demand. But with DDEC, design solutions are tailored to fit every clients’ needs and desires. Our clientele is SMEs who desire their product and branding to be attractive and at par with the established brands in the market.


DDEC is aimed at being the one-stop preferred design centre for Malaysian entrepreneurs. Whether it is for an established local brand or a new kid in town, rest assured that we can accommodate each client’s needs. In the world of design, we are always looking for ideas to improve current trends in Malaysia. Our source of inspiration can come from just about anywhere, but we are constantly inspired by Malaysia’s rich heritage and culture.

Although our inspiration is local, we do look at innovative trends from around the world to incorporate into our clients’ requirements. Most of our clients, if not all, unanimously agree with a touch of DDEC’s creative design into their branding, it provides a boosted confidence for their product to compete in the market.

At DDEC, our strength lies in the triple X factor. The expertise, exposure and experience of our employees are countless that, they all come together to make every project a success.  Our client’s satisfaction is the driving factor for us to continue providing the very best to ensure our clients get to be a better version of themselves through their brands and product packaging designs.


Besides winning the award, DDEC is mandated to assist Malaysian entrepreneurs of all sizes to help develop their brands and product packaging to have a fair share in the marketplace, and compete against established brands. It has also had fortunate opportunities to work for dignified clients such as Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza for her brand SimplySiti in its early stages.
Its comprehensive range of design solutions services is what makes DDEC unique. From business matching to market insights to brand development and design to graphic, digital, photography services and event management under one roof, it is no wonder that DDEC is becoming the preferred design centre for Malaysian businesses.

Enough said, should you require any of these services, you may visit our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram and look for ddecmalaysia. Or better yet, you can direct your queries to us via Whatsapp at 017 680 4679 and our customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

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