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The Local Taste of Global Inspiration – LOCCA

What would you expect when you are presented with a brand that looks and feels like a global brand? First and foremost, you won’t have the slightest inkling that it could be a local brand.

But make no mistake, LOCCA is designed to inspire you that anything is possible with the right partners, place and time. The brand name LOCCA is coined from the words local and cafe. These two words resonate well with the public at large, hence, a brand name from what you would regularly say is simply natural and brilliant. Thus, the beginning of LOCCA was born.


LOCCA is actually an aspiration to empower local food and beverage players to be part of a chain cafe, in collaboration with brand & entrepreneurship development agency, food and beverage supplier as well as the outlet owner. The brand LOCCA was developed by DDEC  as the brand design agency. Part of the brand development came with a strategy to ensure the brand has solid foundation, direction and meaningful communication. A brand may communicate to its audience through many ways. The most convenient way is through visual communication. Ideally, LOCCA was set to be an attraction or a chosen destination for a welcoming environment, while enjoying familiar local favourites. The brand’s core message to visiting patrons is that LOCCA is a great place to hang out for casual business meet-ups, family gatherings or simply a catch-up session with friends, in a cosy ambience over meals, pastries and coffee.


For many coffee lovers, there would be several known favourite places for them to hang out with friends or minding their own business. LOCCA takes inspiration from the current coffee culture in Malaysia and the love of food by all Malaysians.
Then again, the brand strategy of LOCCA targets the middle income earner market and the design of LOCCA needless to say, should be comparable to this category in terms of inclination, fondness and preferences. Thus, the LOCCA brand identity came to be.

The first of an identity is the logo. The LOCCA logo is inspired by the menu of LOCCA. LOCCA serves an array of local cuisines and western favourites. Besides that, coffee and other beverages will also accompany the meal, or catch-up session, if the need be. Most local cuisine uses plenty of spices, and the star anise is chosen to represent the local dishes. On the other hand, the herb oregano in its perfect 4-leaf shape represents western food in LOCCA. The swirls in the logo represent the beverage accompanying the meals.

The colours chosen for the logo becomes the identity of LOCCA. To create an ambience neutral cosiness, dark greys, off-whites and dark green were chosen. Dark green resonates with premium and high quality which is a value that the brand LOCCA is deeply rooted in. Off-white lends a dash of freshness against the dark green while dark grey helps balance out excess brightness from lighting and lends a hint of exclusivity.
To further accentuate the welcoming value of LOCCA, the brand identity goes with a typeface that is simple and readable. With all smiles and enjoyment, the LOCCA brand also illustrates a bit of fun through its use of graphical elements. These elements are taken from the logo and placed strategically to indicate specific meanings to the visuals. Though many may not notice, the littlest details sometimes make up the best stories.


LOCCA interior design is inspired by a known global brand. Its design is a combination of contemporary and industrial style, which is the current trend of most cafes in the country. With a dimmed environment, the LOCCA cafe is set to calm customers as the dark ceilings absorb as much bright lights to create a cosy mood.

The spatial design features plenty of space between seatings and this provides a sense of comfort for all visitors even if it is a full house. Substantial use of imagery featuring the product, brand identity and culture, drives the values further into the minds of visitors. While graphical imagery may be seen as extensive, the interior design ensures there are voids on the walls, leaving it empty for individuals to ponder over coffee when the stresses of everyday lives overwhelms them. 

Every cafe would want to display their products to the best they could without compromising on the comfort of visitors. Hence, DDEC creates specific corners with shelves and racks to feature their product or brand identity in the most subtle way they can. The interior design of LOCCA is thought to be effortless, but every detail is put in place for specific reasons as required by the outlet.


LOCCA will be strategically located in the city’s commercial area, complementing other businesses. The end result of DDEC’s touch for LOCCA is exclusive and quality design output. For more information on DDEC design services solution, you could Whatsapp us at 019-222 3300. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, ddecmalaysia for more updates.
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