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Showcasing Unique Local Products to Airport Traveller

When you visit a foreign country or place, you are likely to be tempted to experience as much local culture as you can.

After all that sightseeing and experiencing the best a place can offer, it’s time to head home. More often than not, you’d be pressed for time to purchase or go shopping for trinkets or souvenirs from the places you visit.

Take Malaysia for instance. There are so many places of interest to visit, experience and enjoy. But with a tight schedule, memento shopping is often last on the list. Some people make time while at it, but some are more busy enjoying sightseeing or island hopping.

These travellers would always think, there will be a time for shopping. But, Malaysia is blessed with so much experience to offer to international visitors and even regional visitors. This leads to limited time or none at all.

Shopping To While Away The Time

The only definite free time visitors have would be at the airport, mostly when they are heading home. Hence shopping could conveniently happen while waiting to board a flight. For a multicultural country like Malaysia, there will be so much to choose from if one would like to go on a shopping trip.

Now, there is more reason to shop at Malaysia airports. And it doesn’t really matter if you are a foreign or local traveller, because shopping for mementos is a great way to remember all your travels and could reignite the desire to come back again.

Sense of Malaysia – Showcasing Best of Malaysian Products

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad in collaboration with Malaysia Design Development Centre is proud to announce and invite as many people to the first Sense of Malaysia retail outlet in Langkawi International Airport. Sense of Malaysia (SOM) is an initiative to showcase and promote the best of Malaysia products. Within its retail atmosphere, it offers a wide range of premium gifts, local packed food and souvenirs.

The products in Sense of Malaysia are curated to enhance travellers’ shopping experience and perhaps pick up a thing or two to bring home. For the convenience of travellers, all of these products are made into traveller’s size, so it’s handy for travellers and favourable as a gift.

Sense of Malaysia is also a platform for local entrepreneurs desiring to enter the airport market, where local visitors and from across the globe are most likely curious of what’s in store and Malaysia’s unique product offering. More SOM outlets will open soon in other Malaysia International Airports and each will feature unique and famed local product offering to support the local entrepreneurs of the region.

For travellers, Sense of Malaysia offers a wide range of locally made products from food and delicacies to health and beauty and fashion as well as craft. For local entrepreneurs, Sense of Malaysia offers an opportunity for your products to reach out to a wider and global audience.

Supporting Local Industry

Most entrepreneurs desire to expand their sales channels, and being offered a place in an airport retail outlet would seem like a dream. But it is not possible, as airport retail offers the possibility of reaching foreign travellers who could bring home their purchases and the possibilities could be limitless. Nevertheless, local entrepreneurs in SOM outlets must meet specific criteria set by MAHB to ensure there is a sustainable supply of products.

For now, Sense of Malaysia at Langkawi International Airport are featuring products from Eartheories, MunifHijjaz, Borneo Pearls, Ilham Ceramic Studio, Faizy Crystal Glass, Ryverra Chocolates, BertamBest, Taze Juice and many more.

Branding Sense of Malaysia

The brand concept of Sense of Malaysia is taken after a lotus flower. The lotus flower is chosen because it depicts holistic harmony and balance, which associates well with the very essence of Malaysia. It is coloured in gold as it is a precious quality that every Malaysian is proud of.

The logo Sense of Malaysia uses a stylised script to imbue the sense of enjoyment and opulence. It is considered as such while maintaining ease of recognition and readability. The colours of the brand are primarily gold, black and hints of white to create a sense of spaciousness in its retail outlet.

The Sense of Malaysia retail outlet is designed to look luxurious without the intimidating factor. Wide and spacious entrances and window displays showcase the colourful products within the outlet. Cosily lit shelves and display racks feature each product to be inviting to the touch. With an LED retail signage, visitors could pass the time watching graphical elements and product features as they walk by or perhaps contemplate spending a penny or two in Sense of Malaysia.

The End Result

DDEC was entrusted with the Sense of Malaysia concept right from the beginning and to this end, Sense of Malaysia is open for business, in Langkawi International Airport. For more information on DDEC design services solution, you couldWhatsapp us at 019-222 3300. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, ddecmalaysia for more updates.

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