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Who We Are

Malaysia Design Development Centre (DDEC) is established to pioneer the design industry in the country. DDEC also desirously aid entrepreneur and businesses of all levels to enhance their services and products using design as a commercial tool.

How It All Began

DDEC was established through an original idea sparked by the former 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia Honourable Tun Abdullah Badawi and it was agreed by the Cabinet that met on 22nd November 2006, instructing the Ministry of Entrepreneurs & Corporation Development (MeCD) via Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) to establish National Design Centre.

DDEC began its operation on 14 November 2007 at their temporary office at FITEC Building, located at KM 13, Jalan Batu Caves, 68100 Kuala Lumpur and on February 2008, DDEC shifted and operated at the current office, No. 22, Jalan Kia Peng 50450, Kuala Lumpur. The launch of the establishment and operation was organised on 23 March 2009 by the Minister of MeCD.


Equipping Malaysian brands to compete in the global market.


Transforming innovative ideas for commercialisation.


- Delivering creative and innovative design benefitting the community, locally and abroad.

- Assisting our clients and entrepreneurs to build global brands.

- Position Malaysian products to become market leaders.

Client's Charter

- Customer Enquiry or complaints via letters, fax, email or telephone will be replied within one (1) day.

- Services will be provided and rendered within at least one (1) week as stated in the terms and conditions complied in the contract.

- Payment will be disbursed within one (1) week with the submission of completed documentations.

We explore possibilities like never before, bringing practical insights and creative solutions as well as innovations.

Packaging Design

Packaging design

We are in business to change the way people think. To think of creative, innovative ideas that can help and get noticed, and execute them perfectly to make sure we make an impact on how our clients' packaging are perceived in the market.

Brand Development

Brand Development

Whether you're looking for a full brand ID and guideline, or just a fresh look for your website, our services are designed to be easily tailored to your exact needs. After all, our business is helping your business!

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Our expertise is a combination of experienced product designers, engineers and designers. With up-to-date knowledge in the market trend and trade requirements, our ambition is to create many award-winning products for our clients throughout the world.

Design & Build

Design & Build

We collaborate and co-ordinate a range of strategies for booth interior and architecture. By injecting branding concepts into spatial design, we have unlocked the significance of each project; re-interpret client's brief and deliver a project with landmark quality and meaning.

Event Management

Event Management

Through our event management team, we ensure quality services and flawless execution of events. We aspire to fulfill client requirements and meet their expectations hence creating a long term working relationship and loyalty.

Training & Consultation

Training & Consultation

We are commited to providing quality trainings to cultivate knowledge and professionalism in conducting evolutions to your brand. Our trainings include active collaborations with the industry and provide first-hand knowledge through interactive participation.

Design Process

Our Work in Progress.



We'll meet up with you and have a little chat about your product or ideas.



Next, we'll research high and low on everything that will be useful to creating your brand identity.



Now, we start to sketch and design your brand identity based on your input and our research.



Then, we pool these ideas together into several creative concepts for you to choose.



We meet up again with you, bringing you the creative concepts we have prepared.



You may want to tweek here and there, and revise the concepts to suit your mission and vision.



We proudly deliver to you, your improved brand identity or package design! On time!

How We Work

This is an example of how we work towards helping you achieve your business goals using the values of a good designs.

Whatever your design requirements, we can help find a solution.

Client makes an appointment with DDEC. Our approach is simple, we sit down with you, get to know you then help you figure out your vision.

Together we explore possibilities, practical insights for your required creative solutions

Be rest assured, we've got you covered. We offer creative, tailor-made for your business.

Our commitment;

  • To deliver creative & innovative designs;
  • To assist our clients and entrepreneurs to build global brands and;
  • To help position Malaysian products through creative solution;
  • Our Team

    This is what we are.

    Meet The Team.

    Abdul Rahman Mohd Saad
    Chief Executive Officer
    Norsaidi Md Noor
    Finance & Admin. Senior Manager
    Hairul Azrien Baharudin
    Business Dev. & Comm. Senior Manager
    Aimijar Hj. Jamal
    Interior Design Senior Manager
    Mohd Fairus Zainal
    Design Senior Manager

    Design Stories

    Check out our recent projects.

    KKLW New Rural Transformation Roadmap






    Lembah Impian




    SME Corp Brand Transformer





    Design & Build

    Cottage industries, home bakers and micro entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia,
    convene under a single brand to promote Malaysia’s favourite treats.
    Under the brand KUEHKITA, each product is displayed and sold in attractive handy packs as well as gift boxes.
    KUEHKITA is also a platform to promote Malaysia’s traditional snacks to travelers and visitors at
    Kuala Lumpur International Airport via a strategically located kiosk.


    Branding, Product Packaging, Event Management, Design & Build

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