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Whether you realise it or not, you are attracted to the packaging first then the contents. Awareness of design in business is increasing. Many entrepreneurs, whether micro or SMEs, having know-how in design can be one of the catalysts for their respective entrepreneurial development. 

As regularly mentioned in design center blogs or marketing design agencies, marketing can happen through certain channels. Examples are e-mails, leaflets, banners, billboards and television networks, radio newspapers and digital media.

But did you know, marketing is not just a promotion. Some quarters become confused when conveying such information. Marketing is more about making consumers aware of the existence of the business and the products offered. Marketing can also be in the form of educating the public. In this case of broad target marketing, not everyone will be impressed, but at least, it can be a topic of conversation.

It Begins With Sight

Another form of marketing that has begun to increase in Malaysia is product packaging. If not, why would so many social media influencers make ‘unboxing’ videos? In fact, it is just opening the box and taking out the contents, right? What’s so great about it?

Maybe this trend began in the West. It’s pretty normal, most of us like to follow the trends of other countries. But, unboxing is a marketing technique through packaging. Just look at the brands of lifestyle products that are on the market. Even if we only see the packaging of the product on the digital platform, we are unconsciously excited to have it.

So, the effectiveness of marketing is actually arousing emotions. Why emotions? Because emotions are what will disrupt our focus as long as we have not satisfied these emotions. There are many ways to satisfy emotions, but the most effective way is to have a product in our hands. Hence, beware of what you see and choose to see.

Wisdom vs. Beauty

If given a choice, which one would you choose? Choices are individualistic and subject to change. Indeed, entrepreneurs can only try to persuade buyers to buy, but the choice is too subjective. dipertimbangkan apabila berfikir tentang mengambil foto tapak web anda sendiri.

In packaging world ideal, the brand can become an iconic memory for the owner. This is because the packaging is designed in the most convenient way for the user to open the packaging.

And for each subsequent product, the brand continues to be consistent with the ergonomic and user-friendly concept, so this indirectly becomes the brand’s marketing technique. It may not be as visually appealing, but the consumerism of packaging plays a role for brands that choose this technique. For a beautiful packaging, that comes with a complex opening & closing system won’t attract the mass market. So what’s the use, right?

Effective Products

We all understand that product packaging means to contain and store the contents of the product well. But it is a big loss if we narrow our thinking to that extent only. Product packaging can be a great marketing tool for the company’s brand or campaign.


Because the product is indeed made for the user. Maybe the product only has one function, but the product packaging can be used for multiple functions. It is up to the brand to utilize every surface on the product packaging. Including on the inside.


If all this while a brand feels that its marketing is less effective, try to look at it from this perspective. Every new consumer who buys a branded product will definitely flip through every inch of the packaging, as long as they are attracted at first glance. For consumers who are already familiar with a brand, add a twist to the existing packaging. And make sure users are alerted to the changes or additions.

DDEC,  Source of Creative Solutions

If marketing is a concern of entrepreneurs, try to dive into the option of using product packaging as product or brand marketing. With a suitable and sustainable design, local entrepreneur’s brand can also become the talk of the town of domestic and foreign consumers. 

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